how to upgrade the SQL Diagnostic Manager to 10.4 from 10.2


We are using SQL Diagnostic manager 10.2 now and we are planning to upgrade into SQL Diagnostic manager 10.4 on the same server.

is it required to uninstall the older version (10.2) and reinstall them again 10.4  or just install the new version?

please let me know if we have any documents for the same.

Thanks & regards

Sanjeev K

  • You shouldn't need a document since it amounts to simply executing the installer.   Check the online help if you want to read Release Notes in advance or view the upgrade documentation.  (Most only read it if they encounter a problem afterward.)

    Repository backup is only a precaution in the unlikely event that something happens to the repository in an aborted upgrade.  It is rarely needed but always makes it easier if something does go wrong.

    You can view the documentation before the upgrade here:

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