Idera SSRS reports

I recently deployed some of the Idera reports in SSRS, using the ‘deploy reports’ option from within Idera. It successfully deployed the reports and the datasource, and connected the reports to the datasource. When I run the reports, the server dropdown list has no servers listed–I dug into the report a bit and found the procedure (p_GetReportServers) that is supposed to return the list does not return any values. Is there some configuration value that I’m missing or a fix for that procedure?

  • What you’ve described is the correct way to deploy reports. The main thing that I’ve seen as a cause of this sort of problem is authentication issues related to the report data source – if for example it’s using an account that is not explicitly listed in Application Security – but if you’re logging into the DM repository and running the proc with the same login you use for DM itself, I would definitely expect you to get data back. I’d recommend dropping a quick line to support at idera dot com if fiddling with app security or datasource settings isn’t either easy or immediately helpful, as they may just need to jump on a screen share to get to the bottom of this. If you do, you might want to link them to this thread so they’ll know what we’ve already discussed.

  • After many tries my issue was as you suggested an Authentication Issue - thank you.  Added the data source user to IDERA and viola reports started rendering correctly.   Thank you. 

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