SSAS connection

After installing BI Manager on three dedicated servers (Repository, Services and Dashboard) I have some issues getting data on SQL Server Analysis Servicves (SSAS) installations. The latest log file in <SQLBI>\CollectionService\Logs on the BI Manager Services application server showed some provider errors like
Message: The 'msolap' provider is not registered on the local machine.
As the server is a dedicated application server, no SQL Server components is installed on it.
The BI Manager documentation states no requirements on SSAS connectivity. But after installing Analysis Services OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (2014) the errors went away. The provider can be found in the SQL Server Feature Pack download page (

  • Yes, thank you for reporting this. Our dev team is presently looking into packaging the necessary assembly into the next release of SQL BI Manager. Most likely in the future we will be redistributing the necessary assembly and this requirement will be dropped, but if not, we will update the documentation and the installer accordingly.

  • Anyway I would like that a standard (SQL Server) component outside SQLdm is documented. This gives me an insight in the technical details of the installation – and that I find rather comforting as “The Devil is in the Detail” 😉
    Personally I prefer not to have outside components included (hidden…) in a tool installation. Too many times I have been surprised. Another more formal issue is that I have to document the tool in the organization, among others with a Risk Assessment. This is far more easy with a detailed knowledge of the various requirements – not only technical.
    Summasumarum I am quite fine with a documented requirement on 3rd components like for connectivity.