Server Name in Email Subject

I use Diagnostic Manager for my non-BI monitoring tool and the alerts that it sends out have the effected server name in the subject, making it very easy to see where the alert is coming from at a glance. Can we get BI Monitor to do the same thing?

DM alert: SQLdm Alert (Critical) – OS processor queue length is 11 on 439-ABX-123
BI alert: CRITICAL: SSAS CPU Usage at 140%

Actually it would be great if it could include “SQLbi Alert” (or something to that effect) in the subject as well. Makes it easier to create rules in Outlook to route email more efficiently.

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  • I’ll look into this as a potential feature request. I think the current alerting in SQL BI Manager is a little more generic, but if I find a specific configuration option to do all the things you’re looking for, I’ll update that here.

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