Install Instructions?

I downloaded the free trial and installed using SQLBI_1.1.0.21.exe. I didn’t have any problems with the install. I also didn’t see any install documentation that Idera usually has and ran through the prompts.

The Idera Dashboard Core Service, Idera Dashboard Web Application service and Idera SQLBI Collection service all started and running.

Under Start Programs Idera I have Idera Dashboard & SQLBI. Under SQLBI I have help and Visit the community site. So no application to run?

Under Idera Dashboard I have help, Visit the community site and Idera Dashboard. When I select Idera Dashboard I get an empty web page with no errors.

What did I miss? I checked the Idera site for document on but I didn’t see any out there.

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  • If the Dashboard is running correctly, it should prompt you to log in and should have a tab that returns information about SQL BI. I can say that you’d want to be running a browser that fully supports HTML 5 — probably Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of IE — in order for the page to render correctly.

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