I am planning our first SQL BI Manager installation. We have virtualized our infrastructure and try hard to enforce a principle of horizontal scaling.
This makes me want to split the SQL BI Manager components and place them on their own dedicated server:

  1. Dashboard Server
  2. SQL BI Manager Server
  3. Database Server for both Dashboard Repository and SQL BI Manager Repository

Is it possible to split the components like above?

We are also running SQLdm and I can see that the new version (9.0) also uses Idera Dashboard.
This gives the additional question: Can the Database Server also hold the SQLdm Repository?
The “complete” solution then requires four servers.
If there are different answers for SQLdm 8.6 and 9.0 I would really like to know.

If I miss some details then please let me know!

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  • After some experiences I think that you should plan for separate Dashboard installation for different products, e.g. one Dashboard installation for SQLdm and another Dashboard installation for BI Manager. I have not (yet) succeeded in using the same Dashboard for the two products SQLdm and BI Manager.

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