Alerts don't make sense

Just installed the SQL BI Manager for a trial to see if it can help us out. I noticed that the alerts don’t really make sense that we get via email.

We get a percentage alert when the threshold is not a percent.

CRITICAL: SSRS Bytes Sent Per Second at 256%. Threshold is 90 Sent/sec
CRITICAL: SSRS Requests Not Authorized at 19549%. Threshold is 90 Requests/sec.

I could keep going but almost all that we get are like this. Not very helpful, any guidance would be appreciated.


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  • I agree the default values are not very realistic right now and I’m going to work with the dev team to try to get these straightened out. This looks to me like something which slipped through.

    More examples are certainly welcome and if you have a preferred default value that would be great.

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