Alerts don't make sense

Just installed the SQL BI Manager for a trial to see if it can help us out. I noticed that the alerts don’t really make sense that we get via email.

We get a percentage alert when the threshold is not a percent.

CRITICAL: SSRS Bytes Sent Per Second at 256%. Threshold is 90 Sent/sec
CRITICAL: SSRS Requests Not Authorized at 19549%. Threshold is 90 Requests/sec.

I could keep going but almost all that we get are like this. Not very helpful, any guidance would be appreciated.


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  • Angela,

    Sorry for the slow response here, I had my forum subscriptions messed up!

    This definitely looks like a bug and I am going to report it to the team. Would it be possible for you to forward some of the examples to vicky dot harp at idera dot com and I will see what is going on here.

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