Geek Sync | How To Be The DBA When You Don’t Have A DBA

Not everyone has a full time database administrator on staff, and in many cases the responsibility of managing the SQL Server falls on the developers. But as long as the backups are running successfully you’re good, right? Not exactly. Your databases could be heading for trouble! Without proper tuning and maintenance, your database performance can grind to a halt.

Register for our Geek Sync, How To Be The DBA When You Don’t Have A DBA, on Wednesday, March 17 at 11 AM CT, with host Eric Cobb.

Tailored to the “Non-DBA”, this session will show you how to configure your SQL Server like a DBA would, and why some SQL Servers default settings may be slowing you down. Discussing server settings, database configurations, and recommended maintenance, you will leave this session with the knowledge and scripts you need to help configure your SQL Server instance to fit your workload, and ensure that your SQL Server and databases are running smoothly.

Speaker: After a 14-year programming career as a web and software developer, Eric Cobb decided to move full time into the world of databases and became a SQL Server database administrator. He earned 2 SQL Server MCSE certifications along the way, and now manages a team of SQL Server professionals. Eric regularly presents and blogs about SQL Server, with a focus on teaching database administration and design concepts to the developer community. He frequently speaks at Developer and Database conferences throughout the country. In 2019 Eric was selected to be a 2020-2021 IDERA ACE, for showing a passion in helping the developer community and sharing his knowledge.