Geek Sync | Breaking Bad Habits: Solutions for Common Query Antipatterns

Your query returns the correct results, but even with supporting indexes it seems slow. Can it go any faster?

Register for our Geek Sync, Breaking Bad Habits: Solutions for Common Query Antipatterns, on Wednesday, March 3, at 11 AM CT, with host Jeff Iannucci.

In this session, we focus on T-SQL query antipatterns – commonly used techniques that are unintentionally counter-productive. Through an interactive story of user requests, we identify several antipatterns, examine what makes them troublesome, and show alternative methods to improve performance.

Speaker: Jeff Iannucci is a Senior Database Administrator for DriveTime in Tempe, AZ. He has over 20 years of SQL Server experience as both a DBA and Developer in diverse environments such as health care, finance, retail sales, and government. He writes about solving problems for database professionals on both twitter (@DesertDBA) and his blog (, and has been chosen as an IDERA ACE for 2020-2021.