Geek Sync | Data in the Cloud: Understanding Amazon Database Services with Visual Models

As a data professional, you understand that a data model is primarily used for designing databases. But as more databases move up to the cloud, data modeling can also serve as a visual approach to capture concepts and relationships for database services, such as Amazon RDS, Aurora, and Redshift. Data models can demystify the complexities perceived and associated with managing and modeling cloud databases.

Register for our Geek Sync, Data in the Cloud: Understanding Amazon Services with Visual Models, on Wednesday March 11 at 11 AM CT, with host Henry Nirsberger.

In this Geek Sync webinar, Henry Nirsberger will show you how conceptual data models for Amazon database services can clarify confusion and accelerate an understanding of these complex offerings.

Speaker: Henry Nirsberger (CDMP, CBIP) is the author of “A Conceptual Data Model for Amazon EC2” and CEO of HMN Consulting LLC, providing IT consulting services specializing in Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, Facilitation, and IT Leadership. As a trained facilitator, he has facilitated over 600 IT design and planning sessions for data modeling, process modeling, database design, project planning, process improvement, requirements consensus, strategy planning, issues management, and team building. He continues to be an unremitting student of data modeling, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and all aspects of data management. His certifications include CDMP (DAMA), CBIP (TDWI), CDP-DM (ICCP), CFPIM (APICS 1984–2003) and TOGAF 9.

You can view the session slides here and the replay is available in the IDERA Resource Center.