Geek Sync | Database People and DevOps: The Fundamentals

DevOps is a software delivery philosophy that focuses on delivering quality, faster. What are the fundamentals of DevOps and the benefits of DevOps for organizations?

Register now for our next Geek Sync, Database People and DevOps: The Fundamentals, on Wednesday November 13 at 11AM CT, with host Stuart Ainsworth.

Join IDERA and Stuart Ainsworth to learn about the basic principles of DevOps and how they apply to database development and administration. Everyone's environment is different, but the strategies discussed within this Geek Sync can be translated into basic tactical gains that are easy to implement.

Topics covered during this session include:
-A (VERY) brief history of DevOps
-Why DBAs make the best DevOps engineers
-What admins can teach developers, and what developers can teach admins

You can view the session slides here and the replay is available in our Resource Center.