Geek Sync | Choosing and Managing SQL Workload Deployments in Modern Cloud Architectures

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Over the last few years, deploying workloads and database services to cloud infrastructures, both public and private, has become a primary IT motion. But, cloud infrastructure has become specialized in a variety of ways with advantages, disadvantages and complexities, some of which are less than obvious.

Join IDERA and Rob Reinauer on Wednesday, November 7 at 3 PM CT as he explores a range of issues important to effectively evaluating, choosing and managing modern cloud deployments. Rob will cover what it means when we talk about cloud architectures and the cost factors to consider when comparing Private Clouds vs Public Clouds and IaaS vs Slaas vs DBaas. He will also walk through common issues in managing complex cloud deployments. Topics include how to achieve secure and reliable communications between cloud deployed workloads, implications of networked storage vs local storage, and if high availability strategies change with different cloud architectures.

Attending PASS Summit? This is a special in-booth Geek Sync you will not want to miss! Join us at the IDERA Booth #202. Those not attending the conference can still register and attend this session online for free.

About Rob: Rob is currently Director of the SQL Product Management group at IDERA in Austin Texas driving the definition and production of IDERA’s industry leading SQL Server management, optimization and DBA productivity tools. Previous to IDERA, Rob was Product Unit Manager of the Microsoft SQL Server Engine Development organization driving SQL’s Mission Critical initiatives around High Availability, Virtualization, Data Replication and Security. Rob also served as General Manager of the SQL Systems Engineering organization and System Architect in the Microsoft Azure SQL DW development group as well as Research Group leader for the MS / Barcelona Supercomputer Center Hadoop Scalability project. Previous to Microsoft, Rob was CTO at Pervasive Software, developer of Pervasive.SQL, and previous to that, Chief Architect for the IBM Personal Software Products Division.

You can view this Geek Sync recording in our Resource Center here.