Geek Sync | Where Should My Data Live (and Why)?

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Long gone are the days where the only architecture decision you had to make when scaling an environment was deciding which part of the datacenter would store your new server. There is a dizzying array of options available in the SQL Server and Azure ecosystems and those are evolving by the day. Is “the cloud” a fad? Are private datacenters a thing of the past? Could both questions have a kernel of truth in them?

Join IDERA and Matt Gordon on Wednesday, May 23 at 11 AM CT as he shares real-world scenarios and walks you through solutions that utilize your datacenter, cloud providers, and everything in between to keep your data highly available and your customers happy. This is an interactive Geek Sync you will not want to miss.

You can view Matt's slides here. The recording is available in our Resource Center here.

  • I missed the live event and can't seem to locate the recorded webcast.  If the recording is already available, would you please point me to its location?  If the recording hasn't been posted yet is there an ETA for me to be on the lookout?  Thanks,  Bill

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