Geek Sync | Keep your Healthcare Databases Secure and Compliant

One of the most significant concerns for healthcare organizations today is the protection of patient information. Patients expect their healthcare providers to keep personal information safe and secure, whether it is submitted through written or electronic means. Unless healthcare organizations uphold high security standards, they will lose the trust of their patients. As such, healthcare providers are being held accountable to ensure that they are not the weakest link in the security path.

No matter what technologies healthcare organizations use within their operations, they must protect the patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in their databases or risk penalties and fines due to data breaches and inappropriate use of patient details. With healthcare regulations such as HIPAA enforcing compliance, healthcare organizations must follow specific protocols to ensure data privacy and security.

Join IDERA’s Stan Geiger and Kim Brushaber on Wednesday March 27 @ 1pm CT to learn about the data protection challenges healthcare organizations face and how to ensure that healthcare databases are secure and compliant.

You can view the session slides here and the replay is available in the IDERA Resource Center.