Geek Sync | Modeling Data Governance

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When starting a data governance initiative, the stakeholders may not fully grasp the complexity of the data architecture or know how to define the processes needed to implement a governance program. In fact, data governance may mean different things to the business stakeholders versus the technical stakeholders. Data architects need to collaborate with the business team to create business process models to close the gap and ensure a consistent data governance strategy for the organization.

Join IDERA and IDERA Senior Product Manager Kim Brushaber on Wednesday, July 18 at 11 AM CT as she discusses aspects for both business and technical considerations and shows examples of business process models that can help you kick off your data governance program.

About Kim: Kim Brushaber is the Senior Product Manager for ER/Studio Business Architect at IDERA. Kim has over 20 years of experience as a Business Analyst, Software Developer, Product Manager and IT Executive. Kim enjoys working as the translator between the business and the technical teams in an organization.

You can watch this Geek Sync recording in our Resource Center here. You can view Kim's slides here.