Geek Sync | The Power of Common Language in Data Governance

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Data governance helps to ensure that an organization's information assets are efficiently managed across the enterprise, which is most effective when everyone uses the same language and terminology to create a common context. When corporate systems have very different semantics, it can cost a lot of time and money to reconcile the inconsistencies. Yet, the vast majority of enterprise-wide data efforts that attempt to harmonize semantics into a common language are not very successful. Additionally, there are strong arguments for allowing each application to use their own semantics so that they can pick the right language and approach for their specific job, and so that each application can be delivered as quickly as possible without constraining them with too many enterprise-wide standards.

Join IDERA and Len Silverston on Wednesday, April 11 at 11 AM CT as he discusses current data governance and integration issues, why semantics vary, and more. Len will demonstrate how to apply a 'Universal Data Language' with examples across many platforms such as ontologies, taxonomies, data exchange, Data Vault, and possibilities for the future. His presentation will include take-home models and semantics that attendees can use in their own efforts.

This Geek Sync will be recorded and available in our Resource Center.

You can view Len's slides here.