Powershell Support

There doesnt appear to be any powershell suport. I see support for scripts like VBS via batch files, but direct support of powershell would be perfect. Even indirect support via a batch file calling a powershell script would also work.

I have tested this out using a batch file calling a powershell script and the service test just reads Testing… please wait.

Powershell is so much easier to script and would make custom monitors so much easier for windows servers, especiall custom WMI scripts.

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  • Hi Brett,

    With some further testing, we've been able to run the powershell script successfully and have it return a value to up.time with the following command in the batch script:

    powershell -noprofile -noninteractive -file .testing.ps1
    The key is the redirection of STDIN on the end. Please try that and let me know if you have success running your powershell script via up.time.


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