Powershell Support

There doesnt appear to be any powershell suport. I see support for scripts like VBS via batch files, but direct support of powershell would be perfect. Even indirect support via a batch file calling a powershell script would also work.

I have tested this out using a batch file calling a powershell script and the service test just reads Testing… please wait.

Powershell is so much easier to script and would make custom monitors so much easier for windows servers, especiall custom WMI scripts.

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  • Hi Brett,

    The QA process does not currently include testing powershell scripts with the Custom monitor types. As you note, VBScript function properly when called from a batch script, as do most other common scripting languages. I will pass on a request for you to the Product team to investigate why a Powershell script does not behave in the same way and hopefully change that in a future release.


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