Upgrade To Pin On Image Gadget

I just finished creating a dashboard using the pin on image gadget that showed our branch locations, and the status of the WAN link. Really cool but would be EVEN cooler would be a way to tie in a google map with layers with out having to take screen grabs. I’ve seen similar done for natural disasters but it always was displayed as a web page, not an embedded map.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, Scott.  I’ll pass it along to the Gadget developers.


    In the meantime, if you already have a webpage with your custom kmz layer overlayed on Google Maps, you could use the Display URL gadget to load that page in a dashboard.




  • Thanks Chris. I did try displaying a google map in the display URL gadget but it wouldn’t work when displaying directly from google, it does work when displaying it from our own server with my API key though (which is better). This gave me the reason to begin learning the google maps and uptime APIs for integration. I have what I want to do planned out, just need to convert that into JS.