Error while profiling any of my Tables datetime out of range

 Konvertierung eines varchar-Datentyps in einen datetime-Datentyp liegt der Wert außerhalb des gültigen Bereichs

  • The translation of the error is: "Conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type is out of range."

    This error is normally raised when using CONVERT(DATETIME, ...) in TSQL.

    The TSQL query that gathers data tries to establish MIN and MAX values for all columns and there is probably something in a column that it is classified as a datetime that can not be converted.

    Also, recommendations for changing data type datetimes from datetime2 to datetime, datetime2 to smalldatetime or datetime to smalldatetime using this clause "...  AND CONVERT(DATEtime, MinDate) >= '1900-01-01 00:00:00.000' AND CONVERT(DATEtime, MaxDate) <= '2079-06-06 23:59:59.000' ..." which may be causing this issue.

    Please see refer to this link for how to send log files which may provide more clues: