Feature request

4 feature requests actually, listed in order of complexity to implement.  

The first - rename "Profile column value distributio" to "Profile column value distribution"

The second - ability to profile column on demand.  What I mean is, lets say I have a 100 column table of various data types.  I run the tool with Profile column value distribution turned off.  I see that a column I expected to be 100% distinct is actually 95% distinct.  I would like to click on it and click on "profile" and it would give me a column value distribution result.

The third - advanced options on the "Profile column value distribution" feature.  Mostly to allow limiting the value count to customizable values.  Default is "Top-50".  If there are fewer than 50 it works well, but as soon as you have more than a certain number of distinct values in the list (not sure on that number... more than 62, but less than 267), the Column Value Distribution window comes up empty.  For example, a table with 565 rows, I have 267 distinct values in a particular column, I get no results in the Column Value Distribution window

The last one - multi-column profile selection for the column value distribution.  What I mean is if I had a table like:
CREATE TABLE persons ( Gender CHAR(1), FirstName VARCHAR(255), LastName VARCHAR(255))
And I am curious to see how many boys are named Sue, I would like to be able to select both Gender and FirstName and have the column value distribution get calculated.


Otherwise, I really like the tool.  It is informative and is a quick and easy way for me to see which tables have incorrect datatypes.  I found a VARCHAR(255) column that % IsNumeric is 100.00.  It is also 100% distinct.  I also see some columns created as "int" when they could be bit or tinyint.  The tool is very useful and I enjoy it, I just think the above 3 features would make the tool even better.  Well, the first is just a typo which doesn't really affect the performance or usefulness of the tool.  The other 3 are features that I think would improve the overall usefulness of the tool.