KB: For 32-bit Windows, upon application startup, why do I get a long Eclipse error message?

For 32-bit Windows:

When starting the application displays an error message with the text “IderaRapidDatabaseExtractor: An error has occurred. See the log file Rapid Database Extractor C:\Users\{username}\.eclipse\org.eclipse.platform_4.5.2_1605365459_win32_win32_x86\configuration\14740392668072.log. [OK]”:

The proper version (version 8, build 1.8) of 32-bit Java is not installed. Instead, an older version (e.g., version 7, build 1.7) of 32-bit Java is installed.

Rapid Database Extractor requires Java version 8 (build 1.8). For 64-bit Rapid Database Extractor, install 64-bit Java. For 64-bit Rapid Database Extractor, install 64-bit Java.

Refer also to How to determine which version and edition of Java is installed? and How to install Java?.