Connecting to an Azure DB

I've just installed SQL XEvent Profiler and am trying to add an Azure SQL db but get:

>>In order to run an event session against SQL Server you must be a member of sysadmin fixed server role or have 'ALTER ANY EVENT SESSION' and 'VIEW SERVER STATE' permissions.

I'm using the server name in form of:,1433

I'm using the same credentials I use when connecting from SSMS. I've have vague memories of a 'server admin' account but when connected via the Azure Portal, can not see any trace of credentials besides the connection string. Is there a SQL command I can issue from either the portal or SSMS that escalates my user account with the needed authorization?


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  • SQL XEvent Profiler does not currently work on Azure SQL Database or Amazon RDS for SQL Server due to differences in the database roles and permissions checking in these two implementations of SQL Server.

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