XEvent Profiler and SSMS

I am posting this on behalf of someone wanting to use the tool.

XEvent profiler failed to install saying it needed ssms 2012 or greater. He currently has ssms 2016. He assumes that there must be some wacky change Microsoft made to their versioning to make your installer fail.

Anything we can provide to help? Thank you!

  • The installation of SQL XEvent Profiler requires that Management Tools for SQL Server 2012 or 2014 be installed on the console computer.

    Refer also to the Tech Specs on our website.

    Management Tools for SQL Server 2016 are not sufficient.

    A workaround is to install Management Tools for SQL Server 2012 or 2014 on the console computer before installing SQL XEvent Profiler.

    Note that SQL XEvent Profiler does seem to support profiling SQL Server 2016 instances after it is installed.

    We are currently investigating other/better workarounds, and we will update this post when/if we find something feasible.

    We also placed this issue on our development backlog.