Win8.1Pro Install Fails

Event Viewer doesn’t show anything but information messages, but the installer dialog says it stopped prematurely and it’s definitely not in the Start Page or installed programs list below it. SSMS 2014 was shut down when installing.

Where can I find information to help diagnose the issue?


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  • Based on where the installation is failing, it appears that the installer is having problems copying a DLL file. One suggestion that I would make is trying to run the installation from a Windows Command Prompt that was opened using the “Run as administrator” option. This should force the installer to run at a higher permission level, just to ensure that we’re not running into a problem that might be related to UAC.

    If that doesn’t allow you to complete the install, then we’ll need to investigate this issue further with our development team. In this case, please email so that we may track this issue directly with you.

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