Design Flaws With New SQL Permissions Extractor since SQLpermissions v2.1.90602.1

I used old version of SQL Permissions v2.1.90602.1 until it can not install on new OS such as Windows 7 with 64bits. Old SQL Permissions was very useful to extract single or all users from a single database or all databases on SQL server. This is very useful for refresh Prod database on ADL environments by preserving current users access on database level or entire SQL server level - since users have more access then prod environment - before restoring prod db on ADL.

Also I use it for SQL server migration project to newer SQL server - save all users at databases or and instance level.

Design flaws with new SQL Permissions Extractor :

1. Target server and New Principal name (new user name) is required. I believe this is a major flow. Tool doesn't allow one to select database level to script out ALL or select user.

I believe entire Target server fields should be eliminated just as old useful version - SQLpermissions v2.1.90602.1 

the only flaw or by design for the old version - SQLpermissions v2.1.90602.1 - was SQL account password was created with NULL value. In this case, I use sp_help_revlogin to script out SQL account password.


Below is screen print of SQLpermissions v2.1.90602.1


As always, Thank you Idera for providing excellent tools for all DBAs!




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