SQL Permissions Extractor documentation?

Is there any documentation for how to use SQL Permissions Extractor?
I used to use the very old tool SQLPermissions and it worked perfectly.
I’m finding that with the newer versions of SQL SQLPermissions doesn’t script everything accurately for me.
I’m hoping SQL Permissions Extractor works better on the newer versions.

I’m just looking for basics on how to script all permissions on a server as well as all permissions on a specific database.
Those are two things I’m in need of doing quite frequently.

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  • Thanks for your feedback!

    The current version of SQL permissions extractor, scripts a single principal at a time to be copied between servers/databases. That’s a change from the older product feature, which scripted multiple principals at the same time.

    I’m betting that’s the feature you’re missing the current release. There’s an existing request ask Development to re-incorporate the multi-principal scripting into the current product, and we can update this thread if a future release *does* include that change.

    Thanks again.

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