Welcome to the Idera SQL Permissions Extractor forum

Welcome to the Idera SQL Permissions Extractor forum. Please feel free to post your questions, feedback, and technical support issues here.

You can always access the latest version of SQL Permissions Extractor here: www.idera.com/.../sqlpermissionsextractor

  • I have medium size (125%) of text and shortcuts on my screen on Windows 7. When I start Sql Permissions Extractor it doesn’t look correctly and I cant’see all so it is not usable.

  • Hi Vicky,

    Hope things are well.

    I have a basic knowledge about this tool as I couldn’t find any User Guides or Video Tutorials, perhaps you can help.
    1. Would this extract the permissions on the database level or on the Security node level via SSMS?
    2. Any links where I can download documentation on how to properly use the product?

    My goal is to extract permissions prior to Restoring a database so it does not get overwritten to our Dev and QA boxes.

    Thank you.