SQL Fragmentation Analyzer | What does the "Index" column Display\mean?

We've run the SQL Fragmentation Analyzer against a database, for one of our Tables the Index column is 'Null', yet we know that there are Indexes on the table - so what does the Index column mean? 

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  • In SQL Fragmentation Analyzer, the “Index” column refers to the "name" column in the "sys.indexes" catalog view.

    The "name" column is NULL in these cases:

    1. If the table is a heap. That is, the table has no clustered index. For each nonclustered table, there is one such a record in the sys.indexes view, even if the table has other nonclustered indexes.
    2. If the index is a statistic.
    3. If indid = 0 for that index. This means that the join between fraglist and sysindexes fails. This is the technical explanation for #1 and #2. It is possible that other cases exist where indid = 0 that are not covered by #1 and #2.
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