KB: Search String Syntax

I want to emphasize the following (this is also mentioned in the updated "KB: Configuration Settings":

The syntax for the search strings conforms to the commonly used syntax for SQL Server’s LIKE operator (refer to Microsoft MSDN "LIKE Transact-SQL"):

  • The percent sign % refers to zero or more characters.
  • The underscore _ refers to a single character.
  • The square brackets [ ] refer to any single character within the specified range.
  • The square brackets with a circumflex [^ ] refer to any single character not within the specified range.


  • date% matches DateOfBirth and DatesReceived but not BirthDate.
  • %name matches FirstName and FamilyName but not NameLast.
  • %number% matches SocialSecurityNumber, numbers and SerialNumbersNew.
  • s_op matches Stop and Shop but not SysOp.
  • b[a-z]ts and b[aeiou]ts matche Bits and Bots but not Boats.
  • cell[^5-9]number and cell[^02468]number matche Cell1Number and Cell3Number but not Cell8Number.

Refer also to Microsoft TechNet "Pattern Matching in Search Conditions".