Bubbles in v3.6 Unusable

I like the new version of SQL Check except for the bubbles in the processes window are moving around so fast that they are unusable.

  • Calvin,

    This is probably the same issue that’s reported at community.idera.com/.../. The bubbles are essentially trying to find a place for itself in the space that’s available. If you make the window large enough by maximizing the window and/or removing the panes for the other graphs, that should provide enough space for the bubbles to find an area for itself and stay still.

  • Even when the processes window is maximized, if there is a lot of activity on the SQL Server, the bubbles are still unusable. And, when the processes window is maximized, you can’t see the other windows. It was much better the old way.

  • I expanded the window to fill my high res monitor and the bubbles were still not satisfied and continue to fly around my screen wildly. I agree that this is unusable and would prefer the logic from the previous version.

  • I too am having major issues with the way the process bubbles jump all over the screen. This is totally unusable. Is there a quick fix so that they can have somewhat smoother action like the older version?

  • Has the integer over-flow exception been fixed in v3.6?

    In the mean time, I have switched back to using v3.5.

  • David,

    I’ll pass your critic to our development team.


    Unfortunately, there is no setting that can be change to change the behavior.


    I’m afraid I do not know which error you are referencing. I would recommend that you contact freeware@idera.com regarding that specific inquiry. I’ll also pass your critic to our development team.

  • Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. We have investigated and fixed this issue and placed an updated version of SQL Check on our website.

    You can download it again from this link.

    This new version also fixes the arithmetic overflow issue other users have been describing in other posts.

    Thanks for your continued support!

  • The bubble issue has been solved. Thank you.

    However, CPU utilization of SQL Check is now 20% on my HP laptop with an i5-2450 CPU and 8GB RAM running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. SQL Check is only connected to 1 SQL instance.

  • Glad it fixed your bubble issue. I will have to circle back to do some additional testing on your CPU load question. We kept most all of the same code from the prior version with just some tweaks here and there and a UI update. CPU load will vary based on the activity on the server too and can spike if you have a lot of processes in execution as that causes the bubbles to be more active.

  • When I run SQL Check v3.5, CPU utilization is usually only 0 to 3% and never spiking more that 10%.

    When I run SQL Check v3.6, CPU utilization is continually at 18 to 21%.

    I have these SQL Check settings for both versions.
    Refresh heartbeat: 5 sec.
    Show heartbeat last: 600 sec.

  • Thanks, we are looking into this to see what can be improved but it could take a little while. I will report back when I know more.

  • Hi Calvin,

    There is a new version of SQL Check available for download that has improved performance and fixes other issues a few users were having. Our tests show it to compare to the performance of the older 3.5 version. It can be downloaded at www.idera.com/.../sqlcheck

    Best Regards