Delete Com+ app - VMware snapshot provider

I have to repair the VMware snapshot provider service and the only way to avoid a full uninstall/reinstall and 2 reboots is to delete the VMware snapshot provider under the com applications. I can open the component services, computer, my computer, com applications and right click and delete but I have a couple hundred systems to do. I am trying to get this scripted but I can’t get it deleted on 1 server using powershell. Can anyone help? This is what I’m trying to delete the com app. I haven’t tried to do this for a list of servers yet but any advice is appreciated. I also have to run 2 commands after I delete this. One does a regsvr32 and then one does a comreg.exe which is part of VMware tools. They are both one line commands

[Codebox=powershell file=Untitled.ps1]
$comCatalog = New-Object -ComObject COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog
$appColl = $comCatalog.GetCollection("Applications")

for ($i=0; $i -lt $appColl.Count; $i++)
if ($appColl.Item($i).Name -eq "VMware snapshot provider"){ $appColl.Remove($i), $appColl.SaveChanges() }}