PSP Plus incrementing variables incorrectly

GM All.

I've been using PSP for a while, and recently noticed this issue using version x.64 ( 5.0.1130.0).

I am looping through a number of VirtualCenters to get VM information using the script below. When I run the code below against one VirtualCenter, it works fine, however if I run it against multiple VitualCenters, it appends to the variable '$vms' referenced in the Get-View, instead of populating it with a new collection:


foreach ($VC in $ArrayVC)
$report [email protected]()

$vms = get-view –viewtype VirtualMachine #Return All VM's

$VMS | %{

        $vmname = $_.Name
        $_.Config.Hardware.Device | where {$_.DeviceInfo.Label -match "Network Adapter"} | %{
        $row = "" | Select VM, MAC, Type
        $row.VM = $VMname
        $report += $row


For example, if I have 4 VirtualCenters with 1,000 VM's each, instead of each collection being set to 1,000 with each loop iteration, it keeps incrementing, i.e. 1,000, 2,000, etc.

The code works properly running within a PowerShell session, so I'm not sure why PSP would be behaving this way. Attempting to clear the variable first has no effect, I have to completely close PSP and reopen to get it clear the values.

I don't see any settings in the editor to have an impact on this, so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.