How to copy Powershell Plus Configuration and quick library from previous workstation to new workstation

I have a lot of custom setup/configs on my previous workstation that I would like to copy to new workstation. Is there a way to backup config data and restore to new workstation? Also, where are the Quick Library scripts located so I can move them as well.

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  • There isn't a backup / restore option for relocating the settings to another machine.

    You will find the application configuration settings that are most important are in the following locations:

    %localappdata%/PowerShellPlus/Settings - the application settings files, some may not apply to a new machine but this is the place where all application related configuration data is stored (NOTE: .bin files are binary non-readable files)

    %localappdata%/PowerShellPlus/SolutionSets - the default quickclick libraries and any customizations you have made to them (NOTE  It is possible to store QuickClick libraries in other locations. You, the user, would only know that answer)

    %localappdata%/PowerShellPlus/System Explorer - the most recent settings for the System Explorer settings but may or may not apply to another machine

    Relocating these files to another machine has never been tested. 

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