Problem with breakpoints on Server 2016

Hi, ve made a fresh install of PowerShell Plus (x64) (5.0.1130.0) on a new virtual Windows 2016 Server system.

Everything seems to work well, but i'm not able to set any breakpoints (F9 and Toggle not working, no entries in breakpoint list)

Execution policy is as follows 
CurrentUser     Bypass
LocalMachine    Remotesigned
all others undefined

I'm admin on the server and the scripts used for testing were stored in different folders on the harddisk before.

Can anybody tell me how to change that behaviour? Thanks in advance

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  • To use breakpoints, you must first save the script. Breakpoints will not work with an unsaved script same as ISE. This was a fundamental change to previous versions of PowerShellPlus that did not support PowerShell native breakpoints.

    To set a breakpoint, you can either click on the gray vertical bar in the code editor or select the line and then click Toggle in the Breakpoints ribbon on the Execution tab.

    To see the Breakpoints pane, select View tab and then either select Advance Layout or choose Custom Layout dropdown and select Breakpoints.