KB: “Browse for more servers” dialog not displaying server instances

In MySQL Query Explorer, in the "Connect to a Server" dialog, in the "Server Name" drop-down list-box, when selecting the "<Browse for more...>" entry, this displays the "Browse for more servers" dialog.

When MySQL Query Explorer cannot find any MySQL server instances on the network, the "Browse for more servers" dialog may display indefinitely an empty "Server Instances" list and a spinning wheel mouse cursor. Selecting the "Cancel" button closes the "Browse for more servers" dialog and returns to the "Connect to a Server" dialog.

The "<Browse for more...>" entry does not try to discover the available MySQL servers on the network. Instead, it tries to resolve MySQL Servers that were previously entered manually.

To manually enter a MySQL server: In the "Connect to a Server" dialog, from the "Server Name" drop-down list-box, enter a valid "Server Name" and "Port".