Idera Azure SQL backups can't backup tables with no clustered index?

I was testing out this free utility and it appears that it will not backup any tables that do not have clustered indexes. Is this by design? If so, it should be highlighted as a caveat in bold on the download page, in the readme, and anywhere else there is info about this product. The backup operation will have a status of successful, but when drilling into the log, there will be several messages about tables being bypassed because there is no clustered index. This gives a false sense of security and the backup job should at least be marked with a warning. Anyhow, I don’t see this as a viable utility if it’s really the case that it can only backup tables with clustered indexes.

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  • Clustered indexes are required by Azure. The reason has to do with how Azure does replication. It creates 2 replicas by default and requires the clustered index to keep them in sync.

    Our Azure backup tool was designed to work with the Azure structure and backup an existing Azure database to a local location or another place in the Azure cloud because Azure does not create a backup, rather it replicates. In the tool you can select a local SQL Server database to backup to the Azure cloud but the assumption is this database has been designed with Azure in mind.

    We understand your frustration and will look for ways to make this more clear.

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