Information about Monitoring & Performance Free Tool.


is windows 2003 server support below free tools?


2)SQL Fragmentation Analyser

3)SQL Instance Check

4)SQL XEvent Profiler

5)SQL Heat Map

6)SQL Update Statistics

7)SQL BI Check

8)SQL Statistics Aggregator

9)SQL Query Store Optimizer

10)SQL Hekaton Memory Check

11)SQL Page Viewer

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  • We provide the system requirements for each free tool on the respective "Tech Specs" webpage. For example, here is the link for SQL Check: "". That pages states that SQL Check supports Microsoft Windows: Server 2008 SP3, 7 post-SP1 with .NET 4.0, Server 2008 R2, 8, Server 2012, 8.1, Server 2012 R2, 10 (provisional). Windows 2003 Server is not listed.


    Please note that the system requirements refer to systems that we support because they were applied to the test program of each free tool during software development. It is well possible that other versions of Windows may also work. We just did not test that extensively, and we are not able to support that. So, for example, it is well possible that SQL Check works with Windows 2003 Server. But it may not, or at least not all functionality may work properly. And we cannot support Windows 2003 Server.

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