KB: How to connect to a SQL Server instance

Using the free tool SQL Data Profiler as an example:

To connect to an instance of SQL Server:

  1. In the Dashboard tab, in the top left corner, select the Connect button.
  2. In the Connect to Instance window:
    1. either:
      1. At the far right side of the Instance drop-down list box, select the drop-down arrow, and select the last entry <Browse...>.
      2. In the Browse for Instances window, select an instance from the local area network, and select the OK button.
    2. or:
      1. Select the Instance text box, and enter the name or IP address of the instance.
    3. From the Authentication drop-down list box, select the relevant authentication method (either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication).
    4. For SQL Server Authentication:
      1. In the User text box, enter a valid username.
      2. In the Password text box, enter a valid password.
      3. Optionally, select the Remember password checkbox.
    5. Optionally select the Automatically reconnect on startup checkbox.
  3. Select the OK button.

The Connect button should have changed to a Disconnect button, and the Instance detail text box should display "Connected to the instance [instance]".

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