TDSServerModule and Android Device Debugging on USB cord

Dear reader,

I am relatively new to working with delphi and especially developing the app for android using the debugging via usb cable.

And I am trying to make an android application following the steps in the tutorials I find online.


I made a DataSnapServer application that has the ‘DSServerModule_Medewerkers’ as serverform name.


I made a DatasnapCLient application that connects to this server application.


I run de server application, if I compile and run the application on windows it runs without errors.


But when I compile it to android it renders into a ‘fire’ icon and I do not see the components on the form as programmed.


Instead of seeing what is show in the image below. I put the internet user permission on. And  I noticed that as soon as I put the TSQL Connection component in the datamodule in the app is when it starts not showing the components.

Anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong?

Warm regards