Debug a stored procedure in SQL Server... It shouldn't be that complicated.

I am trying to debug a stored procedure in SQL Server, but I get this message: error establishing a debugger session with the server

  • Accidentally I have come across this website and little bit confused about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood the details shared here. This post deals with the details regarding how to debug a stored procedure in an SQL server. It's not a complicated task and this post will discuss the details regarding that. Keep sharing more updates here.

  • Hello Jose! Sometimes I need to debug my procedures. Previously, this feature was built into SSMS, but since version 18 of SSMS, the debugger has been deprecated.

    Therefore, I began to look for an opportunity to return the debugger feature to the new SSMS 18. I studied all the Microsoft forums and did not find how to do it in standard ways. But then accidentally came across on dbForge SQL Complete SSMS add-in, which has its own SSMS debugger work. It allows you to troubleshoot Transact-SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and functions quickly and easily. You can use automated debugging without compromising on code quality.