Rapid SQL Dropping Keystrokes

I just performed a test, where I typed the sentence, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." ten times in my text editor. It dropped zero keystrokes. Then I started typing the same sentence in Rapid SQL, and out of four sentences I typed, not a single one came out correctly, though I'm sure they would have in the text editor. Rapid SQL is dropping a LOT of keystrokes. Any idea how to fix this? I'm guessing this is happening because of various checks that Rapid does on-the-fly; it would be nice to maintain as many of those checks as possible, while eliminating the dropped keystroke problem.

Many thanks for your time!

  • Upgrading to 17.0.2 fixed this for me. Still not having a great experience running RSQL on Windows 10 though - syntax highlighting is still broken, display updates are sluggish and "execute single statement" doesn't work any more. All these on top of the frequent crashing and general flakiness makes using this application a genuinely miserable experience. If I had a choice I would use something else.

  • I have the same experience. Crashes maybe once a day, but freezes (app disappears from the Taskbar, then reappears after 30-60 seconds. I'm submitting a defect.

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