Is there any way to specify data type mapping for migration in DBArtisan


I am trying to migrate DB2 to oracle using DBArtisan. I want to specify data type mapping for the column during migration. e.g TIMESTAMP in DB2 should be created as DATE in oracle.

I did not find any way to specify the same. Is there any way to specify ?



  • <p>Anand,</p> <p> DBArtisan does not provide an interface to allow customization of the datatype mapping.</p> <p> One option would be to edit the output sql file with the correct values. (find/replace)</p> <p>I hope this helps.</p> <p>Scott</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • <p>As a follow-up, we do to the "best" mapping automatically....i.e. the closest equivalent type and in the example above Oracle timestamp is a closer match to DB2 timestamp becuase of the fractional seconds that DB2 timestamp can have.</p>
  • <p>Hi,</p> <p>You could potentially do this in ER/Studio Data Architect which does have a Datatype mapping editor and allows custom configurations to be added. The only thing to note is ER/Studio will help migrate the schema across in a documented way, no data migration, this part would normally be done with ETL scripts.</p> <p>Kind Regards</p> <p>Mohammad</p> <p>@metadatadon</p>
  • I have automated reverse engineers for various databases and trying to add macro code to automatically log into the repository and add the new diagram to a specific project. I have no idea how to do this even with the automation interface reference. Would somebody please tell me how to take a currently open and new diagram and add it to the repository and even better, to a specific project?
  • It appears no one knows or cares to post a reply. FYI - I figured out how to add a new diagram to the repository via completely automated macro that runs from a windows cmd file, scheduled by windows scheduler. It reverse engineers an existing database, saves it to a unique name locally and then adds the diagram to the repository. However, I still have not figured out how to add the diagram to a specific project in the repository. If I knew that, would completely good to go on this. Anyone care to venture an answer?