Compare using Change Manager - ignore locking


I am quite a new user of Embarcadero Change Manager - Version 5.1.3

I am running comparisons across two databases, and would like to have an option to ignore locking scheme on tables.

IE, when a table in database_A uses LOCK DATAROWS, and table is database_B uses LOCK ALLPAGES, I would like this difference to be ignored in the results.

Is this possible?


  • <p>Hi Ronny,</p> <p>Yes, there is an option for this. You need to create a new schema comparison custom option under File New for your Sybase ASE DB. Select the option Lock scheme and that allows you to ignore Datarows and allpages during compare. You can use the above defined custom option when you create your schema compare job.</p> <p>Regards,</p> <p>Sultan</p>