C++Builder and Accuracer Database Server

Is there anyone out there employing Accuracer and the accompanying ACRServer?  I anyone can assist me with the following I will appreciate it a lot;

I make use of C++Builder 2010 and  Accuracer CS v13 plus ACRDatabaseServer for small scale database development. Everything runs smoothly. I can open and close the database. Data changes are updated with the use of Transactions. But if I run the app and make any data changes, the database does not disconnect when I close the app, instead the app hangs. DataModule1->ACRDatabase1->Close() activates the ACRDatabase1BeforeDisconnect event, but the ACRDatabase1AfterDisconnect event is not activated. What may be the reason for this?

I have tested the app on a MSI i7 laptop with Win10 Home, as well as a quad core desktop with WinXP Pro.

(Inspecting the data afterwards with ACRManager shows that the changes are filed.  When running the same app in multi user mode, there is no problem closing the database after data change updates.)

I have requested assistance from Aidaim since a month ago and can not get any response from them except confirming receipt of my enquiry!

I am currently evaluating DBISAM as alternative but I have hit a wall with their support as well.

Please assist if you can, or refer me to anyone who may.