Does anyone have a working example of GenerateSelectedEntities() method of DDLGeneration object being used in a macro ?

I am trying to execute the following piece of code to generate DDL's using macro:

                Set curr_Entity = curr_Model.Entities.Item(curr_Selected_Object.ID)
                exec_log_msg = exec_log_msg & "Proceeding with DDL generation for entity: " + curr_Entity.TableName + " !" & vbCrLf

                'Debug.Print curr_Entity.TableDDL

                dummy = curr_Entity.TableName
                Debug.Print dummy
                ddl_Gen_Object.GenerateSelectedEntities ( dummy )

However, the Table DDL's are not getting generated.
Please note, when I use ddl_Gen_Object.GenerateAllEntities instead of ddl_Gen_Object.GenerateSelectedEntities( dummy ) it works fine !

Could anyone please let me know if there is something that I am missing while using GenerateSelectedEntities() method?


Sameer Gadne.