Is there a macro that allows for renaming of Attributes?

I am trying to standardize the Attribute names in a bulk fashion on a very large model. Is there a macro that will; allow for this? 

I can't use the Naming Standard Utility as the physical names do not always have all the words that are included in the Attribute name.

I have tried using the  Universal Naming Utility, but as the model has almost 50,000 attributes it runs very slow.

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  • It sounds like the Naming Standards Utility would be your best bet.  The Naming Standards Utility can change the case as well as 'unabbreviate' word segments when going from Physical to Logical (as long as you have those words in a Naming Standards Template).  If you're trying to standardize, would it matter that you might lose a segment that didn't exist in the Physical - I'm assuming the Physical name would have the most critical segments in it.  If that is a problem, you could at least use the Naming Utility to change the ones that aren't missing words in the Physical.  It will be a somewhat tedious task to exclude the others, but you would likely have to have some special handling no matter what mechanism you use.  I doubt you would be able to create a macro that would understand how to convert those names that are missing segments as well.

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