Resize of shape doesn't work

I'm adding the same text box to every submodel.

The shape has a default size of 70x70 and I need it to be bigger (100x90) to see all the text.

The problem is, on some submodels, after changing the size I see 100x0 and sometimes 0x0 rather than the size I set. 
Once in a while the size is correct but mostly it collapses the shape so you can't see it at all.

Anyone know what's wrong (is it me or the app)?

        ' Add a text box object (shape) if it doesn't exist already
        Set ColorKeyShape = M.Shapes.Item(ColorKeyShapeName)
        If ColorKeyShape Is Nothing Then
            Set ColorKeyShape = M.Shapes.Add(ColorKeyShapeName,ColorKeyText,1)
            ColorKeyShape.Text = ColorKeyText    ' insure text is up-to-date
        End If

        ' Add the shape to every submodel
        For Each S In M.SubModels
            Debug.Print "SubModel = " + S.Name

            ' Add it if it doesn't exist
            Set ColorKeyDisplay = S.ShapeDisplays.Item(ColorKeyShape.Name)
            If ColorKeyDisplay Is Nothing Then _
                Set ColorKeyDisplay = S.ShapeDisplays.Add(ColorKeyShape.Name)

' Resize it so people can read all the text ColorKeyDisplay.HorizontalSize = 100 ColorKeyDisplay.VerticalSize = 90 Debug.Print ColorKeyDisplay.HorizontalSize Debug.Print ColorKeyDisplay.VerticalSize Next