Repo Merge error

Good morning,

For the last week, I have been trying to troubleshoot an issue we are having with our ER Studio Data Architecture version 17.  We are unable to check in any diagrams/data dictionaries and we are getting a Repository Merge error, operation halting.  (Id=3).  In the repo_merge_error document, we are seeing this. 

Missing Node Exception - occurs when diagram node cannot look up a parent node

Missing Parent GUID: 197027ef240f4f01bb24a7c27eb43edb
Child Section ID:  DIAGRAM (-1)
Child GUID:  

Does anyone have any idea what to look for or what needs to be done?  I opened a ticket with Idera but they have yet to respond to me.

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  • We have an automated process that checks in the data dictionary after adding objects, etc.  My gut feeling is one of these objects corrupted the data dictionary.  Is there a way to make the repository think a certain version of the data dictionary is the most current and load it all from there?  I can see a version number for what I would like it back to but don't know if I can restore the file to that version.  Unfortunately the compare and merge doesn't work because it is a model with only 2 data dictionaries and I don't think we can do a compare and merge on a data dictionary.

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